13 October 2017

E-commerce pilot ANGEL is improving delivery rates and increasing customer satisfaction

E-commerce pilot ANGEL is improving delivery rates and increasing customer satisfaction

The NexTrust project has successfully tested an innovative system for last mile e-commerce deliveries in Berlin. The pilot, named ANGEL, runs in partnership with Kisura, an online shopping service, and Berlin Last Mile, a logistical service provider. Since launching in July 2017, ANGEL has shown positive results. 

The unique ‘ANGEL’ IT platform hosts retailers, vehicle owners and drivers in a collaborative trusted network, which processes customer order details, and arranges appointed, convenient & sustainable delivery journeys for both the retailer and the customer. The pilot is reducing, congestion & greenhouse gas emissions in busy metropolitan areas, as well as improving customer satisfaction in the process.

View the e-commerce pilot video here.

Linh Nguyen of Kisura said “With NexTrust we tested how we could further optimise and personalise our service”. By using the ANGEL system “we have improved delivery rate which has immediately led to higher customer satisfaction and increased flow of goods in our warehouse”.

After first successful operations in Berlin the e-commerce pilot has extended its scope to other metropolitan areas facing city congestions. Pilot leader Axel Niessner from Fiege, is optimistic the replication and roll out in other European cities will demonstrate further positive results, saying “We offer a new convenient appointed time delivery service for the customers, we are using underutilised vehicles and finally we stand for sustainable deliveries”

Pilot contact:

Axel Niessner, Senior Project Manager - NexTrust, Fiege
tel: +49 40 78118-301, email:

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