29 November 2018

D4.3 - Large pilot case in market conditions

A summary of the first E-commerce pilot run by NexTrust in Dresden, Germany.

The first E-commerce pilot case focused on three main aspects:

  • To form a horizontal collaboration between delivery vehicle owners (i.e. grocery chains, retail chains, newspaper delivery networks, rental companies) in a trusted network by tapping and pooling their “underutilized” fleets. This will lead to a more efficient and sustainable use of resources by extending the “driving” hours during which the vehicles are used.
  • To share the knowledge about fleet capabilities and also capacities within a legal and trusted framework, which is conducted by a trustee.
  • To set up an IT-platform that enables collaborative approaches for collecting and fulfilling the shipment orders. This is achieved by a strong transport management backbone, a real-time visibility of vehicle locations, which routes deliveries and shares capacities.

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