Pilot Projects

NexTrust is demonstrating how effective use of collaboration can significantly improve the efficiency and sustainability of the European logistics sector.

It did this by running over 40 pilot projects in 4 strategic areas along the Logistics supply chain. These were:


These networks fully integrated shippers, logistic service providers (LSP) and intermodal operators as equal partners. In order to reach a high level of sustainability, these networks will not only bundle freight volumes, but shift them off the road to intermodal rail and waterway as well. A key indicator of success was determining whether or not the networks were able to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and traffic congestion, while simultaneously improving asset utilization and operational cost efficiencies. If these outcomes can be demonstrated, NexTrust will have created a more sustainable, competitive arena for European logistics that will be an inspirational example for the market.


The independent trustee

NexTrust provides companies with a way to safely and successfully collaborate due to its innovative and unique business model.

This innovation represents the installation of a neutral, independent entity which acts under strict confidentiality and in compliance with EU competition law – called a neutral trustee. Essentially, this trustee acts as an independent third party between cooperating shippers, functioning as a “black box" enabling them to avoid the exchange of commercially sensitive information.

With the neutral trustee in place, the participating companies are able to collaborate in a legally safe manner, with only information relevant to the collaboration being exchanged. This innovative trustee model, along with the established 3-step methodology prove extremely successful in the pilot cases and significant results were achieved.



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