Intermodal pilots

Goal: To identify opportunities to change the mode of transport for goods from multiple lorries on the roads to barge/rail 

Pilots in this series are looking to identify movements of vehicles travelling from A-B on the road. If enough of these vehicles making the same route can be identified, it can be the more cost-effective to transport all of the goods via train or barge instead; changing the mode from road, to rail/barge.

Pilot 3.1 focused on the structural freight flows of the intermodal service provider TX Logistik across 10 European countries following the TX Intermodal Network that mirrors 5 of the TEN-T core networks corridors (North Sea to Baltic, Scandinavia to Mediterranean, Rhine to Alpine, Atlantic and Rhine-Danube corridors).

Pilot Case Study

Pilot 3.4
: Avoiding Empty Barges on an Existing Danube Waterway Service.

Pilot Case Study


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