29 November 2018

NexTrust Pilot 1.1: The set-up of a Multi-Supplier/Multi-Retailer Platform (MSMRP)

Case study of the LTL Multi-Supplier/Multi-Retailer Platform set up by by Project partner TRI-VIZOR

A Multi-Supplier/Multi-Retailer Platform (MSMRP) was developed and tested within Pilot 1.1 with the aim being to improve the transport and warehousing efficiencies of deliveries of suppliers to common ship-to points.

The objectives:

  • To create transport and inventory efficiencies for both suppliers and retailers
  • To improve transport and warehousing efficiencies of deliveries to common ship-to points

The concept:

  • The suppliers should replenish in FTL (Full Truck Load) their inventory stored at a central warehouse
  • The retailers should order a mix of product from different suppliers but order in FTLs


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